For most people, getting organized does not come easy, especially when they have to deal with their tech gear. 

It’s one thing to acquire all the techy tools you need for your job; but when it comes to organizing them, it’s becomes a different ball game entirely.

The fact however, is that, there are simple, common sense actions you can take right now to stay organized, have your tools within reach, and feel confident doing your job.

In this article, you’ll learn how…

Dedicate Flash Drives

The rapid advancement in storage technology means you can easily save several terabytes of data in a small flash drive and stick it into your breast pocket.

However, be sure to mark each dedicated flash drive to differentiate them from each other. You can several dedicated flash drive for different purposes – say, for home, work files, etc. 

Use Flat Organizers

Flat organizers – such as the eight-pocket GIO organizer – hold small gadgets and tools so that you can slip them into your bag or drawer easily.

Stack Them Up

You can buy see-through canisters which you can place on your shelf or desk and fill them up with charges or niggling accessories. 

These see-through canisters come with airtight lids to keep out moisture and dust. 

Extension boxes

This is a quick way to identify workstation cables, so you don’t mistakenly unplug the wrong one when the occasion demands it. 

All you need to do is to get one or more markers, slip them into plastic clips, and attach them to the cords. You can also write on blank labels – if you can’t get some markers – and stick on each cable.

The Surge Protector

Sockets-doubling surge protectors enable you to protect your appliances, devices or even laptops from voltage surge. Some surge protectors also feature small ports for mobile devices.

This device ensures that your electrical devices are protected from any sudden increase in voltage.

Arrange Cables

For cables that have to be in the open – usually behind your workstation – you can arrange them using slotted cable stations. These ingenious devices will prevent your cables from getting snarled and tangled in a messy knot.

Zipper Bags

There are lots of little zipper nylon bags, a few of which are washable. These zipper bags offer inexhaustible storage options and are perfect for transporting small tech gadgets or equipment.

Silicon Bodies

Most earbuds come with cute, little silicone bodies which usually double as cord wraps. You can control your earbuds by using the silicone strap to wrap it up nice and tight.

Tame Your Cords

Hanging cords can be exasperating if not organized. However, you can conceal them, not only behind your desk but also run it along its legs, using adhesive tapes. These cordlets will hold and direct your cables effectively, keeping everywhere neat and tidy.

Color Cues

Various colored trays are available in the market today. Most of them are good at masking charging cables. These modern-inspired trays can also serve as drop zones and compartments for small items like keys, flash drives, etc. 


You can anchor your computer cables where you need them. One way to do this is by making use of the Magnetic Organization System (MOS). The triangular MOS adheres to surfaces via a suction feature. It also comes with three cable clips to facilitate the arrangement of your cables.

Partitioned Storage Cases

If you have a lot of tech cords, you can keep them in one place by getting and using a storage case with partitions. 

You can use cord clip to wound up the wires tightly and then put them away in the partitioned storage bags.

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