How to Get the Perfect Pet Picture

How to Get the Perfect Pet Picture


Our pets are our best friends, or furry children, and a beloved part of our families. Including them in the family photos seems like a natural decision.

The only problem is that the average pet doesn’t want to pose for the time it takes to take the perfect picture. Tails like to wag, squirrels might run by, and let’s not even talk about the pretentiousness of certain cats.

If you’re trying to get the perfect pet picture, here are some proven ways that you can get the job done.

#1. Lighting

When working with pets, try to take pictures outdoors whenever possible. When the sun is directly overhead is the best time, which means mid-morning to mid-afternoon. This lighting will enhance the color of your pet’s fur, while bringing out the landscape colors around them. If you must take the picture inside, don’t use a flash, because the light reflects off their pupils to create that red-eye effect.

#2. Perspective

Taking a photo of your pet while standing up seems like a natural position to us. It is not a natural position for your pet. The best pet photos come at eye level. Try to crouch down, so that the camera is nearly level with your pet. This will give you a full shot of the face and the chance to capture their expression.

#3. Contrast

Some pet pictures require posing, so you’ll need to do a little extra work to get the photo right. Posing a white dog on a white background isn’t going to look great. You’d need a darker background. The opposite is also true for pets with darker fur. Try to choose a medium color for the background, as this will improve contrast and reduce the chances of an underexposure happening.

#4. Action

Action shots are difficult for anyone. Pets can be unpredictable, which means you never know what might happen or where they might go. The best way to counter this issue is to take a lot of shots while the action is going. Set the shutter speed of your camera to a faster setting to avoid blur. Look for strong light to add sharpness to the image as well.

#5. Distractions

Engaging the curiosity of your pet will help to create unique expressions that the camera loves to capture. Have a favorite toy behind the camera that will help you be able to take a quick shot while they’re paying attention to someone else. It may be helpful to have someone else handle the toy while you take the picture.

#6. Opportunity

At some point, most pets have a mind of their own. Sometimes, the best way to get the perfect pet picture is to carry your camera with you at all times. When you see a great picture, take out the camera and get it. If you are ready to act quickly, you’ll have a better chance to capture the image you want.

Taking the perfect pet photo might also mean doing some editing. Change your filters or effects, lighten the image, or even crop it. Be creative and you will be able to create some amazing images. 

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