8 Best Life Hacks Which Involve Just a Comb

8 Best Life Hacks Which Involve Just a Comb

If you have hair, then there’s a good chance that you’ve used a comb for it at some point in your life. What you may not have known is that your combs can be used to solve several common problems that may happen in life.

Instead of throwing away those old combs, try using them for these chores.

#1. Carpet Indentations

If you leave furniture in the same place over a long time period, it will create deep indentations in the carpet. Although some carpet can restore itself after a day or two, older carpet may not return back to its original shape. Take your comb and brush the indented carpet with it to restore its look.

#2. Paint Texture

If you have just finished a fresh coat of paint, take your comb and use it to run some lines through it. This is an easy way to give your walls some added texture without a whole lot of work involved.

#3. Cork Removal

If you’ve ever corked a bottle of wine, retrieving those tiny cork pieces from the fluid can be a real pain. With a clean fine-toothed comb, you can filter that cork out of the wine as you pour it into a glass.

#4. Carpentry

Trying to hold a nail in place with one hand, as you hammer it with the other, creates the chance of a missed shot and an injured finger. A comb can actually hold the nail in place for you while you use the other hand to hammer. Just slip the tines of the comb around the nail and you’re ready to get to work.

#5. Fuzz Remover

If you have pet fur, fuzz pills, or dust bunnies that like to collect on your clothing, then don’t waste your money on those sticky rollers. Just break out your comb to get to work. Gently brush the comb along the fabric and you’ll be able to remove the unsightly mess.

#6. Clogged Vacuum

If you stick a heavy comb down a vacuum tube that is clogged, you have a chance to remove it thanks to the added weight. Should the clog not be removed, the comb will show you where the clog happens to be, so you’ll know where to focus your work.

#7. Beater Bar

The lint roller on your vacuum benefits from a combing as well. Use your comb to brush out the bristles of the roller bar. You can also use the comb to work on loosening the strings and fibers that get wrapped around the edges of the bar.

#8. Vegetable Chopping

You can also use certain types of combs to hold your vegetables while you’re chopping. This gets your spare hand out of the chopping zone as you hold the item, reducing the risk of an injury.

Combs are remarkably versatile items. These are just a few of the life hacks that are possible with them. What are your favorite non-traditional uses of a comb?

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