Summer is often the time of the year for parties, sunbathing, beaching going, and all the fun outdoorsy activities; but winter can be fun too.

If you have the right equipment, know the best winter-themed ideas, you can host a terrific party in winter, without breaking the bank. 

This article shows you several winter party decorations that are pocket-friendly which you can utilize the next time you want to host a party in winter. 

If you love crafts, you are mostly likely going to have some “Aha!” moments while going through this list.

So, here we go…

Vegetable centerpiece 

You will need some candles, multicolored ribbons, rubber bands, and vegetables for this stunning arrangement, so if you don’t have them, then take a quick visit to the grocery store. 

Get the candles and wrap them with the rubber bands. Then tuck the vegetables into the bands. Use the colorful ribbons to hide the bands. The whole arrangement makes the centerpiece look elegant on your tabletop or counter and boosts the ambiance of the season.

Photo garland

This family photo along with a hanging flower decoration is the perfect touch for holiday get-togethers. You can do this yourself by clipping a few family photographs to a piece or two of festive ribbons.

Black-and-white photographs give it the ensemble a more cohesive look, especially when you add pretty glitter snowflakes to the garland. All you will require are ribbons, family photos, wooden clips, and glitter snowflakes.

Decorate your chairs using pine cones

The pine tree is always a thrilling sight in winter, and you can get hold of the seed case of this evergreen tree for your decorations.

Get a few ribbons and hang the pine cones from the backs of the chairs in your kitchen, living room or outdoors. 

You can leave them the way they are or get white paint and spray-paint them all. Spray-painting the pine cones will give that snowy look that is associated with the Christmas season.

Corks and Candles

One of the easiest ways of bringing the country lifestyle into your home – or decorations, so to speak – is to get hold of several wine corks. You will also need a votive candle and a tall glass hurricane vase.

Get a wooden block and place it in the hurricane vase. Light the votive candle and put it on the wooden block inside the jar. Then, arrange the wine corks around the votive candle carefully. The block elevates the candle so it can be visible above the corks.

Metallic crafts paints + vase

You will need a couple of jars and metallic crafts paint. Pour the paint into the vessels, then twirl them until the paint stains the inside of the vases.

You can keep doing this until you get your desired coverage, thus leaving you with a couple of sparkling vases. Position them on your tabletop and light up everywhere with this innovative creation.

Make those Presents the center of attention

Christmas presents are usually arranged on trees, but you may add a twist to it this time around. You will need a satin ribbon or two, several ornaments, faux snow, and a glass vessel or container.

Place the glass vessel on the table and fill it with ornaments. Sprinkle the faux snow here and there in the clear glass vase and then tie the latter with the ribbon.

The result is a fascinating tabletop winter fairyland!

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