Summer is here, and this is the season for outdoor parties and entertainment. Garden parties are excellent themes for wedding showers, baby showers or regular get-togethers. 

Whichever one you decide to do, use the following tips to brighten up your garden party and host a memorable event that would live in the minds of your guests for many summers to come. 

Get inspired with these garden party ideas; get your creative juices flowing for planning your event.

Garden party flowers 

If you can spare the money, get a proficient florist to do this job for you. But if not, you can do it yourself. However, keep in mind that it could take up lot of your time. So, block off a reasonable amount of time if you eventually decides to handle it yourself.

Move around your garden to see what needs to be cut back or clipped. Make sure all the paths in the garden are free of tendrils or trailing greenery which could potentially cause an inattentive guest trip on them; remove paving stones that could do likewise too.

Decorate the ice bucket with flowers

You can dress up the ice bucket with fruits and flowers. Not only will the ice bucket do the job it is meant to do – and that is to chill your drinks – but it will also serve as a colorful centerpiece. 

You can add another twist to this by making use of ice cubes made with edible flowers. Nothing drives home a garden party theme more than this.

Use a community table judiciously

If you are expecting a large number of guests, going the conventional route of using roundtables for ten people may be too formal.

Get and use long community tables which allow your guests to chat with one another as well as share food and memories without any hindrance.

Monochromatic flower arrangements

Blooms add a touch of color to outdoor parties; decorating the tablecloth-covered tables with simple, red-hued flowers can perk up the mood of the gathering. 

Ensure that the flowers are not too tall so as not to hinder the guests from engaging in table conversations.

Create a drink station

Summer afternoons can be humid; so, make sure your party guests have access to the drink station – with neatly arranged drinks and glasses – where they can get hydrated at any time.

Create foliage signs

Creating signs out of foliage is a fun way to help your guests locate where everything are – the drinks; food; direction to the rest room. All you will need are steel wires, a glue gun, and faux foliage.

You can turn it into a tea party

A garden is the perfect setting for a tea party; serve scones, lots of finger sandwiches along with mini pastries to make it a truly memorable social gathering.

Flower wall installations 

Although, this may sound complicated, it is not all that difficult to pull off if you know what you are doing. You may need help, however – that professional florist could come in handy here as well – to create the flower wall. 

But in the end, it would be worth every hassle as your party guests get wowed and thrilled and of course eager to snap Instagram worthy pictures of your lovely garden.

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