5 DIY Kitchen Design Ideas to Add Value to the Home

5 DIY Kitchen Design Ideas to Add Value to the Home


Every home deserves an elegant kitchen design. Unfortunately, not every purchased home has one that meets your needs. Before getting started with the design of your dream kitchen, however, you’ll want to keep these DIY design tips in mind.

Best Design Tips for New and Remodeled Kitchens

#1. Keep the kitchen triangle intact.

In your kitchen, the refrigerator, stove/oven, and sink are known as the “kitchen triangle.” These are the three elements of the kitchen where people will do the most work. Having easy access to these items will ensure the kitchen feels like a good place to work. No matter what type of kitchen design you utilize, no single length of this triangle should be more than 10 feet. The overall circumference of the triangle should be less than 25 feet.

#2. Give yourself plenty of storage space.

One big issue that many kitchens face is a lack of storage space for modern cooking tools. There are a lot of awkwardly-shaped items that get used in the kitchen today, like a blender or a stand mixer. If you don’t want to take up your counterspace storing these items, then think about ways you could add some extra storage to your kitchen. One easy way is to remove the “chemical cabinet” under the sink, open up the space, and install shelving for some items you frequently use.

#3. Don’t forget about your kitchen lighting.

The kitchen must have adequate lighting to serve your needs. This issue goes beyond ambience. If you prepare food in your kitchen, proper lighting is essential for working with knives and other sharp instruments. Consider adding some accent lighting under your cabinets, a new fixture over an open countertop, or even a window to give the kitchen some extra natural light.

#4. Never eliminate the backsplash.

A modern kitchen must have a backsplash. It is far easier to clean up grease and liquid stains on tile than it is on a painted wall, metal, or plastic. If you’re on a tight budget, look for an easy-to-install tile pattern that you can install as a backsplash on your own. Then you’ll just need some tile grout and a little practice to create your own at a fraction of the price of a professional installation.

#5. Improve your ventilation.

Does your smoke alarm sound whenever you’re trying to sear a steak or pan-fry some fish? Then your kitchen doesn’t have the ventilation it requires. Don’t rely on a hood vent over your stove/oven to satisfy this need. A good ventilation system will make life in your kitchen much more pleasant, especially if it opens to another room in your home.

What Will Your New Kitchen Look Like?

Designing a new kitchen can be a fun experience, especially if you plan to do most of the work. When a kitchen is properly design, it becomes a central room in your home where the family comes together every day.

Follow these ideas for your kitchen design update to create something special in your home today. 

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