What Are the Best Plants for Fairy Gardens?

What Are the Best Plants for Fairy Gardens?


A fairy garden is a small structure which uses living plants and small structures to replicate a fairy-like environment. Most fairy gardens are small spaces, tended to with love, and the designs are based on your imagination.

These are usually indoor gardens that can be used as a table centerpiece, unique decorating item, or porch addition.

To create a fairy garden, you’ll need a box or bowl for planting. A lid that becomes a saucer is required, then add soil, small pebbles for a fairy path, and the other decorations that will bring this small space to life.

Then you’ll want to bring the garden to life with these plants.

#1. Silver Sprinkles

This little plant creates veined foliage that blooms in a yellowish-green type of color. It provides ground cover and looks a bit like ivy as it begins to mature.

#2. Weeping Fig

This small bush is often included with miniature gardens because it offers the look and feel of a large tree. It likes to have soil that is drained well, but kept moist, for best results.

#3. Polka Dot Plants

This plant has been a favorite of gardeners who teach kids the basics of gardening for more than a generation. These plants come in white, red, or pink varieties. They do like to grow tall, so keep pinching the tips of them to keep them at the right size.

#4. Spikemoss

This option does like to grow slowly, so it won’t provide ground cover like silver sprinkles do. It also likes warm and humid environments, so it works best in a terrarium you’ve turned into a fairy garden.

#5. Mexican Heather

This blooming plant makes a nice addition to a fairy garden, especially since it can be formed into a topiary. It tolerates the heat well and likes regular sun. You’ll need to keep pruning it to keep it at the right height for the garden.

#6. Stonecrop

This golden groundcover plan loves the gentle sun of the twilight hours. It tolerates hot weather and can handle missing a watering session or two.

#7. Wood Sorrel

You’ll love adding this plant to your fairy garden because of its beautiful purple and pink leaves. When it does bloom, you’ll see some lovely spots of yellow with the plant as well.

#8. Thyme

Elfin thyme is a nice addition to fairy garden as well because its leaves are so small. Many people do not realize that this herb also blooms in the late spring with beautiful pink flowers. Although it prefers outdoor spaces, with enough sunlight and well-drained soil, it can thrive indoors as well.

#9. Creeping Fig

The miniature oakleaf variety of this plant loves low light conditions that are paired with high humidity levels. It is a growing vine that loves terrariums and other moist areas of the home. It grows hearty and well with little attention to it, which is perfect for first-time fairy gardeners.

A fairy garden can be a fun way to bring the joy of gardening to children of any age. Whether you grow your garden indoors or outside, use these plants to create the perfect look. 

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