What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is defined as a home that is equipped with devices that are controlled remotely. You can have heating, lighting, or electronic devices equipped in such a way, controlled by your phone, tablet, or computer. 

The modern smart home has multiple options available to it for automation options and remote control. Security systems, televisions, kitchen appliances, and air conditioners all have the option of communicating with each other in your home when connected to Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth. That allows you to control them through an app.

How Do I Turn My Home into a Smart Home?

When you see how many products are available for the modern smart home, trying to decide which one to use can be a difficult decision. Some products work better than others. Some only work with certain products.

That is why your first decision must be to choose the virtual assistant that works best for your needs. The three most common assistants are Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. You could throw Cortana into the mix for some households as well.

Most families choose their assistant based on the hardware they already own. If you own an iPhone, then Siri makes the most sense. Alexa is associated with Amazon products, such as Echo. Google works with some newer Android smartphones and their Google Home product.

Then You Must Choose the Smart Devices

How you turn your home into a smart home depends upon your personal preferences. If you want automated heating and cooling, then you would purchase a smart thermostat. If you want improved security at home, then you’d purchase a smart home security system. You get the idea.

There are numerous product options which are equipped with smart features today. You can purchase light bulbs, stereos, and even robotic vacuum cleaners that come with smart technologies.

You can also equip some older appliances and products with remote smart tech that will convert them into smart products for your home as well.

Do I Need to Turn My Home into a Smart Home?

About half of Millennial households have adopted smart home technologies already, which is further ahead than any other generation. Almost 90% of households, however, see the value of this type of technology, according to information provided by Coldwell Banker.

The truth, however, is this: it is your home. You use what makes you comfortable. If you prefer a traditional structure with manual controls, then use it. There is no right or wrong answer here.

There is no denying the convenience and security that smart products provide for the home today either. With simple voice commands, you can change your thermostat, turn on your lights, or make sure your garage door is closed. You can start your coffee in the morning, discover the news, and do it all in a hands-free environment as you get ready for work.

Smart homes will likely be the future of house design. Now might be the right time to start getting to know what options intrigue you the most. 

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